She's Hooked!

Taking your buddies or brother or wife out musky fishing and watching them catch a fish is pretty awesome. But taking your kid out for musky, now that’s something special. 

Brandon took his daughter Keira out for musky for the first time earlier this summer. She was ready. She was excited. She was hoping for her first musky. Dad was jacked. Dad was prepared. Dad was worried about a skunk. The pressure was on. After what seemed like an endless amount of tips and tutorials on things like how to tighten the drag, how to take the rod out of the holder, and how to fight one, everyone was ready. It wasn’t long before the first rod of the day went off with a "zsst zst." The perfect sized first musky. A beautiful 32.5”. Everyone in the boat was pumped. More importantly Dad was able to exhale and relax. Keira grabbed on to the little guy and held it like she had done it a hundred times before.

You know someone’s hooked when a few minutes after their first fish they are asking about how many minutes are left in the major. Fortunately there was just enough of the major left to put another fish in the boat. This time, Keira’s rod sounded a bit sweeter with a "zssst zsst zssst zssst zst." After an awesome battle, the net slipped under a healthy 41”er. What a day. 2 fish in the boat, laughs, smiles, hugs, and a new young angler hooked on musky fishing. Now she just needs to get a job to start paying for the addiction! Congrats on your first couple muskies Keira! 

Keira with her 41" musky!