PB Alert

For some, personal bests come many times as they break their previous record by a half inch here and a half inch there, slowly working their way down the bump board. Some are blessed with huge fish early on, making the challenge of breaking their PB that much harder. Whatever your number is, we all know how truly amazing it is when you see that PB fish at the side of the boat or when you pull it from the bag and get her in your arms.

Chantry experienced this just a few weeks ago. The day started like most days. 3am wake up. Two hour drive to the lake. A few hours of nothing. Finally, at about 10:30am, her rod went off with a beautiful little guy that got the day going in the right direction. After a quick photo and release it was back to the grind for another long four hour stretch of nothing but the company of the boat. Then at 2:22pm her rod went off again.

This time everyone knew that the fish was going to be a good one. This fish peeled line, fought hard with violent powerful head-shakes, and even went airborne a couple times. Finally, the hopeful panic turned into pure joy and excitement as her PB slipped into the net. With smiles and the feeling of accomplishment still high in the boat, Chantry released her biggest fish ever back to the depths. When those words “my biggest fish ever” sink in it’s truly a beautiful thing. The rest of the day was filled with laughs and the retelling of how it all went down. PB, what a beautiful thing.